OPT software & consulting, LLC


The OPT Community Publishing Platform allows you to quickly provide tools to your end users that allow them to start building communities of interest. We offer a straightforward hosting licensing agreement that allows you to pay for what you use in bandwidth regardless of how many users and web sites your community creates. We can also work with you to build custom solutions as needed. Our products are the result of several years of collaborative work with our customers to produce the best solutions for building self published web community content. The core of our offering is our hosted community publishing application that allows real world groups of people to build collaborative communities of interest.
The Web Publishing System's flexibility allows it to fit a variety of business models that attract customers and advertisers, adding new revenue streams without adding workforce.

Custom Development

Java web development - Our programming expertise centers on writing solid and efficient scalable web applications. Our experience in application building for projects that require intense scaling and bandwidth challenges ensure excellent performance for your business. Our expertise includes deployments using:
- Netscape Application Server, Web Sphere, Apache, Apache JServ, IIS
- Java Server Pages and Servlet Development
- C, C++ and ASP
- PHP and Perl
- Relational Database development in Informix, DB2, MySQL and MS SQL Server

Web Consulting Services

Our programming experience combined with our broad project development exposure can be leveraged to help you create the best design plans to move forward fast, while avoiding costly pitfalls down the road.